Austen - Your SU President

I am currently in my first year of my A Levels at Loxton campus. I am studying Law, Sociology, Government and Politics and Debating.  

I am a motivated, passionate and genuine individual who cares about what he does, strives for more and makes the extra effort.

As President of your Union I will...

  • Give a voice to the Student Body of Weston College 

  • Deliver trusted leadership 

  • Respect your opinions 

  • Put your concerns on the table 

  • Make your concerns my concerns 

  • Never back down 

I believe all of the Weston Campuses should be given equal opportunity, as well as equal standing on Students' Union policy. No student should be afraid to voice a rational opinion. 


Sona - SU Secretary

As secretary I will...

  • Make your College life more enjoyable 
  • Put on more trips for everyone 
  • Ensure equality across the College 
  • Put on more activities for everyone 

Here to listen, here to do, here to help


Aylin - Loxton Campus Officer 

My name is Aylin and I am currently studying Art, French and English at Loxton Campus. 

As your campus officer I will... 

  • Be the voice of all students 
  • Make your college experience better 
  • Put on more exciting trips and activities


Nathan - South West Skills Campus Officer

My name is Nathan and I am currently studying ICT at South West Skills Campus. 

As your campus officer I will... 

  • Be availabe to listen to your feedback and make sure changes happens across all campusesd more lunchtime activities for students 
  • Add some activities for students to do at lunch, which could include more sports club or even a social club to meet new people
  • Increase the amount of heather food on sale in college


Millie - Vice President

My name is Millie and I am studying Biology, Chemistry and English Literature.

As your Vice President I will... 

  • Represent you and your issues – I will put forward your grievances and suggestions, whether I agree with them or not. I am here to represent your interests, not my own.
  • Campaign for more car parking spaces
  • Stamp out racism and homophobia
  • Be someone you feel able to talk to