What happens now you have nominated yourself?

Now you have nominated your self to run in the election you need to think about what you want to change and how you are going to do it! 

There are 4 key things you will need to ensure you have a sucessful election campaign. 

1. Manifesto 

First thing you need to think about is what you want to change, this will help to form your manifesto.

What is a manifesto?

This is a list of your ideas, things that you want to change and why people should pick you.

This needs to be quick and to the point but show exactly what you want to do and change.

Try not to make promises that you can’t keep, be realistic with your promises as you want to make sure that you can deliver them!

Show how you will make the changes promised using skills and experiences you already have.

Key things to include

  • What you intend to do
  • Opinions - what you believe
  • Vision, what you want to see/change in the future

2. Digital profile

You will have the opportunity to record a digital profile for your campaign, a quick video giving the key points of your manifesto and why people should vote for you. This will be played in communal areas on your campus.

What you need to do

Write a script – keep it short and simple, use the key points of your manifesto. Try and learn it so you aren’t reading off a piece of paper.

Ensure people remember you – for the right reasons not the wrong ones, dress smart and look presentable.


Your chance to get out and about and talk about how you will put your manifesto into action and why should people vote for you.

Get your face known around your campus and make sure people know exactly who you are on Election Day.

What is the best way to get your name out there?

Posters around college so your face is recognised and for people to know exactly what you are promising.

This can be fun but not too silly also remember it needs to show what your aims are for the SU and a little bit about you.


There is a two week window for all students of the College to Vote in the election, this will be an online form. 

You are not allowed to directly influence peoples votes, you can remind them to use thier vote in the the election.