Job Description



Role Summary

As the President of the Students’ Union you will lead the Executive Committee to represent, support and give voice to the student body of Weston College. You will play a key role in establishing the Executive Committee, Student Constitution and ensuring a year-on-year presence of a Students’ Union. You will develop valuable leadership, management and organisational skills and experience. The role will also provide a range of opportunities to grow your wider skillset, confidence and cross-college profile.

Key Responsibilities

The PRESIDENT of the Weston College Students’ Union shall:

  • Be the prime representative of the Union and seek to involve as many students in the Union as possible
  • Attend Governors Meetings and report back to the Union
  • Lead the development and implementation of the SU Strategic Plan providing feedback on progress to students, governors and college management
  • Lead delegations to NUS conferences and report back to the Students’ Council
  • Be the prime representative of the Union to liaise with the College over any matters affecting students
  • Compile a termly report on his/her activities for consideration at the Students’ Council
  • Ensure that elections happen in accordance with Union Constitution
  • Notify the Students’ Council of the resignation of any Union officer and ensure the Students’ Council decides appropriate action
  • Chair and participate fully in Executive Committee meetings
  • Maintain all documentation relating to the Union, including the Constitution
  • Arrange training for the Executive Committee following elections
  • Ensure that all Officers of the Union provide an update for each meeting of the Students’ Council and for wider circulation
  • Ensure that a report is presented to the Students’ Council on the activities of the Union over the previous year
  • Be a member of the Student Council and ensure that the decisions made are implemented
  • Be a member of the Executive Committee and the Student Council, and present reports to each.
  • Be responsible for publicising all Executive Committee meetings and Student Council meetings, receiving topics for discussion and circulating agendas and minutes to members of the meeting

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