Vote Aaron Wilkins Headford for your VicePresident


Why me for Vice President of the WCSU?

  • I want to be there to listen to people’s viewpoints and stand up for them so their voice can be heard
  • I am a kind, generous, empathetic person who will be there for those who need it and help in any way I can
  • Bring change and improvement like more clubs, social groups, trips and social action.
  • I like working with people and I hope to be a teacher one day
  • I’m very confident and a great public speaker – I have spoken in front of hundreds of people at a Kumon awards ceremony
  • Respect all students' opinions and aid the President and the rest of the Students' Union in ensuring your voices are respected and heard
  • Everyone’s concerns are now our concerns – we will strive to make sure you have the best college experience

What do I intend to do?

  • I would like to offer more activities in and around the college maybe a cooking/baking club and more choice of sports clubs.
  • Trips abroad to be organised for subjects
  • Social Action – hold more Charity events throughout the year, like summer fetes to raise awareness for multiple charities of your choice.
  • Hold more social discussion groups
  • Root for more Personal Tutoring sessions for extra support

My opinions:

  • I believe that Wellbeing matters in oneself generally and mentally.
  • I am passionate about Wellbeing and Social Action whilst having a responsibility to support, help and bring about changes that are important to you.
  • Discrimination or Extremism will not be tolerate.
  • To aid the President and the Students’ Union in supporting the student body of Weston College.
  • No-one should be afraid to speak out; let their opinions and voices be heard – respect is poignant to Weston College and your Students’ Union.


My experience:

  • NCS – I did a social action project – raising awareness and money for a charity called Jessie May – we raised over £600!
  • Student Leadership Team in Secondary school – apart of the behaviour management team at WCSA.
  • Maths tutoring at WCSA and Kumon Portishead – helping GCSE Students.
  • Teaching staff-assistant at Milton Park Primary School.
  • Spoke in front hundreds of people at multiple Kumon Award Ceremonies.
  • Work at Kumon Portishead and Weston-super-Mare – Staff Assistant with experience in management and helping students with their work.

My Vision:

  • More contribution towards Social Action Projects like holding summer fetes and raising awareness for charities like Jessie May, Cancer Research or Alzheimer’s UK and many more.
  • Focus on well-being, hold more social discussion groups.
  • Hold more clubs/activities throughout the colleges.
  • Provide more study spaces for people who like a quiet space to work.
  • An increase in comfortable seating especially in the bistro and café.
  • Adapt the use of the common room to avoid disturbing other classes.
  • Improve prices of food and drink as they aren’t very competitive – cheaper options are available elsewhere, more variety needed, quality and times needed to be less restricted for SWSC.