These clubs are currenlty running... 


Tuesday - Board Game Society S07 12.15-1.15

Wednesday - Video Games Society S102  12.15-1.15         

                          LGBT+ S06 12.15 -1.15

Friday - Table Tennis and Nintendo Switch Sixth Form Common Room 12.15-1.15


Alternate Tuesday and Thursdays - LGBT+ G67 12.15-1.15 

South West Skills 

Tuesdays - Table Tennis and Nintendo Switch Bistro 12.15-1.15

Clubs and Societies are a great way to meet new people that have the same
interests as you.

Join an already existing Club or Society or start your own!

The SU is here to support the setup and running of clubs and societies,
whether you need equpiment, help with the initial set up or the weekly
running of the club we can help you. 

If you want to get involved with one of these clubs or you would like to start your own, let us know by filling out the suggestions form below.