Weston College Volunteering Award

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The Weston College Volunteering Award recognises the commitment and dedication you show by volunteering during your time at College. 
You can work your way up through the different tiers of the volunteering award scheme from bronze up to gold. 

You can keep track of your hours on eILP, you don't even have to tell us when you have reached a volunteering milestone as we will be keepinng track of it for you. 

The award levels 

Bronze - 10 hours of volunteering (that's just over a day, you could smash the bronze award in one weekend!) 

Silver - 20 hours of volunteering 

Gold- 50 Hours of volunteering 

Volunteer of the Month

Each month there will be a volunteer of the month awarded, this could be due to the amount this person has volunteered or just their commitment to the cause.