Meet the candidates running in the election to be your Students' Union Executive Team! 

Brandan Read – Secretary 

My name is Brandan read. I have lived in Weston-Super-Mare all my life. had passed all my GCSEs in 2019 and started going to Weston College in 2019 to study a-levels in law, psychology and economics and I am still studying these.  

As you Students' Union Secretary I will...

Ensure that all clubs you wish to be set up are made reality (including hearthstone and league of legends)

Have more bins and recycling in areas with litter.

Ensure all members of the student council are doing their jobs effectively

Improve college resources and facilities to the best possible standard

Make all travel to and from college more affordable

Implement eco-friendly alternatives to the non-eco-friendly supplies in use

Ensure your college experience is the best it can be

Ensure everyone's voice is heard


Natasha Mpofu – Secretary

About Me:​ 

  • I study History,English Combined and Business Studies ​ 

  • I am currently a Student Rep for my Business Studies class​ 

  • I have started to volunteer at Avon and Somerset Police ​ 

  • I was a Girl Guide for two years ​ 

  • I enjoy swimming and reading during my free time  

Why I am running?​ 

  • I believe that all the smallest voices need to be heard. I want to bring changes that people want. I want to make our college experience memorable for each student and individual.​ 

“When the whole world is silent ,even one voice becomes powerful”– ​ 

Malala Yousafzai 

Franklyn Pinson - Loxton Campus Officer 

In running for Loxton Campus Officer I am aiming to fulfil these goals:

§A larger student say in all trips and out-of-college activities, particularly subject trips.

§Guarantee that any events, activities, clubs or societies within the campus are accessible and promoted accordingly.

§Establish a greater communication between the students and the Student Union, ensuring that everyone’s opinions are both voiced and heard.

I will endeavour to create a more receptive union that takes strides to interact with the students at Loxton so as to make the campus more tailored to any, and all, of the students needs.



Maria Malloy - Secretary 

I will always available to talk to.
I will be there on time - every time.
I'm very efficient with technology.
I want to help and improve this college for the students any way I can.