Meet the candidates

Brandan Read – President  

My name is Brandan read. I have lived in Weston-Super-Mare all my life. had passed all my GCSEs in 2019 and started going to Weston College in 2019 to study a-levels in law, psychology and economics and I am still studying these.  

I am running for Students' Union President  because… 

  • I want to make a change in the college and like to be active when it comes to things I want to change.  
  • I also feel the college can do more when it comes to student enjoyment and convenience as well as ways to help the environment.  
  • I feel that i have the leadership qualities to improve the college for everyone and would be a great person to represent the whole of Weston College.

Tell me what you want me to change for you here!

Natasha Mpofu – President  

About Me:​ 

  • I study History,English Combined and Business Studies ​ 

  • I am currently a Student Rep for my Business Studies class​ 

  • I have started to volunteer at Avon and Somerset Police ​ 

  • I was a Girl Guide for two years ​ 

  • I enjoy swimming and reading during my free time  

Why I am running?​ 

  • I believe that all the smallest voices need to be heard. I want to bring changes that people want. I want to make our college experience memorable for each student and individual.​ 

“When the whole world is silent ,even one voice becomes powerful”– ​ 

Malala Yousafzai 

Noah Palmer – President 

Hi, I’m Noah, I’m a first year A Levels student, currently studying Art, History, and English Lit.

As your President I will:

  • Focus on making campuses more eco-friendly
  • Aim to decrease the price of college trips abroad
  • Aim to give a more tolerant and equal environment around campuses
  • Always respect your opinions and represent you

Laura MacManus – Vice President  

I am currently a first year, studying history, English literature, and law at the Loxton campus. I am resilient, dedicated, and will be a reliable vice-president of the student union. 

If you chose me as your vice-president, I will: 

  • Respect and voice your opinions/concerns, regardless if I agree or not- I am here to help you be heard. 

  • Take steps to improve the functionality of the EILP, in order to improve your education. 

  • Work with the whole student union to deliver a trusted and approachable student leadership team. 

  • Ensure there is a variety of trips and in-school activities, so everyone can enjoy their time at Weston College.

Blake Long – South West Skills Campus Officer 

My name is Blake and I’m running for campus officer, I am 18 and currently going through the process of joining the British Army, and I have been a student rep in every school I’ve been to.  

  • I will look to add more room for the bistro and eating areas.

  • To make discounts more available to all students.

  • I will voice every opinion of all students that want me to!