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Friday 29-03-2019 - 11:04
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Here is some feedback from Dave Trounce, Vice Principal, on the points raised in the most recent campus surgeries and the actions that have been, or will be, taken as a result:


1. Students raised the issue that, in some cases, induction was too long.

Response College management has reviewed the feedback of forums and the student survey data regarding induction. It is felt that an extended induction, if delivered well, can add significant value to a learner’s programme. The college will: · Review the minimum expectations for induction and revise based on learner feedback · Provide training to all Personal Tutors on induction planning and delivery to ensure the experience for all learners is more consistent.


2. Students raised the issue that the food within College outlets is too expensive and of variable quality.

Response The College has decided to re-tender the catering contract for the College food outlets. This process has taken place and involved a student selection panel as part of the process. The new contractor will commence from the 1st of April and management hopes learners will see a significant difference. Feedback on the new contractor will be reviewed with students at the Subject Area Forums and Campus Surgeries in the Summer Term.


3. Students would like to see more social spaces.

Response The College has collated feedback from Student Council and through Campus Surgeries. The Deputy Principal will now take a number of recommendations to the Leadership Board to try and secure funding to implement the changes. If agreed, the changes will be made during the Summer break in readiness for the new academic year in September.


4. Students had experienced issues with the new M-tickets on the buses

Response The College registered the concerns with the bus company and ordered a significant number of physical bus passes so that students could use this as an alternative. Students are reminded to report issues with bus passes or the bus services to Student Services. If you would like to give feedback - positive or negative - to the college's management team, speak to your class, faculty or campus rep.

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