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Tuesday 16-04-2019 - 16:55
Writers wanted

This website can be viewed by anyone in the world. This website has the potential to be a mine of news, information and fun for Weston College students. This website would be much better if more students were involved in contributing content. This means you. There are plenty of good reasons to consider getting involved:

  • Writing is a skill. Writing in your spare time will make you a better academic writer, meaning better grades in your exams and assignments.
  • Being involved in your students union is attractive on your UCAS application and to employers too. You could even include links to the articles you’ve written on your CV.
  • Writing is a great stress reliever
  • You can change the world! If one person acts differently as a result of reading your article, that makes it worthwhile, right?
  • You can show off your good work by sharing links to what you’ve written on social media. Then wait for the ‘likes’ and comments to come in, ‘hey, that’s amazing!’.
  • It will make life more interesting: You’ll have a cool new hobby to tell people about.


Here are some ideas for articles you could write:

  • A report on a college sports match you’ve taken part in or watched.
  • An idea that would make college life better.
  • An article on a hobby that you do, that you think other Weston College students would enjoy too.
  • A guide on things to do, or places to visit, in and around Weston-super-Mare.
  • A gig review.
  • Your thoughts on an issue that affects people all over the UK, or the world.


I’ve written in my spare time for many years and guess what; now somebody pays me to update the Weston College SU website! If you’ve got an idea of any article we could publish – send me an email. If you’d like some help deciding what to write about or how to write it – send me an email. If you’ve already written something you think I could publish on the website – send me an email.


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