Wanted: A New Knight for Knightstone!

Wednesday 08-05-2019 - 14:22
H 18

The Students Union Executive Team needs a creative, chatty and motivated student to represent the Knightstone Campus.

The Executive Team comprises the SU President, Vice President, Secretary and the Campus Reps for the Loxton and South West Skills Campuses and they meet every 3-4 weeks. Before each meeting I let the team know what we will be discussing and ask if they'd like anything else added to the agenda. This is so the team can talk to their fellow students on particular subject areas before the meeting. The team members then give what they feel are representative views. The Executive Team will agree the Weston College SU stance on some things and help guide the decision making of me and other staff on others. Sometimes Executive Team members will agree to complete certain tasks to help implement new policies or change things that need improving.

As the Knightstone Campus Rep you will have the opportunity to make positive changes to things that impact your life as a Weston College student. You will also have a say on Student Union activities, such as fundraising and trips.

As you can see the Executive Team performs an important role and Knightstone currently has no representation on the team. Could you be the voice of Knightstone?

My job is to make sure Executive Team members get all the support and guidance they need, so no prior experience is necessary; and the experience you gain will prepare you well for the world of university or work and will look fantastic on UCAS or job applications.

To register your interest in this position, or to arrange an informal chat about whether you might be right for the role, email me at tim.fry@weston.ac.uk

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