Art Battle

Friday 19-10-2018 - 09:34
Art battle 1

A Level Fashion, Textile Design, Fine Art and photography learners enjoyed a visit to Bristols Marble factory to witness the live painting competition, "Art Battle". Art BattleĀ® is a new and fun community for healthy competition between artists pushing and challenging their creative abilities.  12 Artists have 20 minutes to challenge themselves against a blank canvas and battle against the clock as well as each other.
The audience have the opportunity to vote through 3 rounds being the judge of the artists fait and the final winner. Weston college learners were part of the audience  supporting the artist through each round.
All artwork created will also be available via silent auction on the night. A level Fashion and Textile Design lecturer Nicola Stent said how proud she was of our learners. The group were encouraging and engaged throughout the evening including learners voting and purchasing artwork from the event.
We have been very fortunate and offered the opportunity of 2 spaces from the Art Battle producer to participant in the next event on Tuesday 13th November. Art and Design diploma students Cam Gelder and Andrew Beavan's tutee Heidi Lear will take part for the evening supported by Family, friends and Lecturers.
Nicola Stent and Charlotte Hawke will be leading the opportunity and would encourage students take part in the 'Wild card' opportunity, whereby an artist will be selected at random. 
Tickets are still available for the event and doors open from 7pm. 

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